A revolution in publishing is taking place right here on the Costa del Sol!

For the last twenty years the publishing industry has been in crisis with fewer and fewer new writers being launched each year, and the big, established publishers refusing even to consider new talent, while the writers who are established often recycle the same tired old plots and get paid huge advances for them. 0.001% of new writers get published. Mathematically that is like nil. Ask yourself, when was the last time a J. K. Rowling came along? Well, that would have been…oh yes! J. K. Rowling, almost 20 years ago.


The problem is the publishing industry has become a closed shop. Publishers won’t look at books from new writers unless they come through a major agent; and the big agencies won’t look at a new client unless they have a proven track record as a published author. Catch 22. For new small and medium publishers coming on the scene the competition is fierce and cutthroat. Marketing a book is expensive and risky, and even the experts can’t predict which books will sell and which will sink without a trace. For this reason practically every small and medium publisher out there now requires potential new writers to stump up between £1,000 and £2,000 for their own publishing and marketing fees. This is basically vanity press by another name, and most self-respecting writers refuse to do that.

Into this fray steps Sun Regal Publishing, with a new vision. This is in many ways a Costa del Sol publishing company on an international scale.

Sun Regal Publishing is absolutely not vanity press. Sun Regal Publishing is a club. It is a club for talented writers, and not everybody can join. How does it work? ‘Well,’ Conor, the founder and artistic director, tells me, ‘you submit your manuscript, however rough or half-finished it is, and if we see real potential in it, we’ll offer you membership. We expect a lot of people to get turned away, though.’

Basically, membership guarantees that your book will be published, and not a penny will be charged for either publication or marketing. Sun Regal Publishing takes care of all that. And when the book is published it becomes available in Britain and the States on Amazon and Barns and Noble, and it will also be marketed to high street stores.

So how can Sun Regal Publishing do that if nobody else can? Conor shrugs and smiles, ‘Because we offer services, that are optional, to our members. We will train our members to become first rate novelists and we will work on their manuscripts with them until they are perfect. Some of these services we offer free to our members, others we charge at silly prices. None members have to pay top dollar. This allows us to guarantee that the product we offer on the market is first rate. It’s that simple.’

Plans for the near future include Two imprints, Crime and Romance, exclusive to the Costa del Sol, reminiscent of the dime novels of the 30s, available in newsagents and railway stations, and perhaps at the airport. Novels by residents of the Costa del Sol, about the Costa del Sol, for the world.

If you think you have a novel in you – or more than one – if you can see yourself as a Costa Novelist, why not send in your manuscript now? This could be the day that changes your life!