7 islands

TENERIFE is the greatest of the 7 islands that compose Canary Islands .
Of marked volcanic origin, with many volcanos still active; the tallest "Mont Teide" that it dominates the island of Tenerife with his 3718 meters.
Tenerife also surprises for the unbelievable variety of its landscape and the very mild climate also during the autumn and winter seasons (temperature nearby 22° C), for this reason Tenerife has a constant tourist incoming.

Defined the "island of eternal spring", Tenerife has two principal tourist centers: at north Puerto de la Cruz for many years capital of the tourism on the island and today Playa de Las Americas located in south of the island, risen in the last years and massive developed in short time with modern hotels and a dry climate in comparison to Puerto de la Cruz.
Santa Cruz, the capital city, is famous for its Carnival because roads and squares are invased by parties, parades, show of samba's schools and music bands.
Tenerife with its enviable climate, offers also quite a lot opportunities for what about you're interested : nature with different places devoted to animals and botany.
Very interesting is to visit " Gomera Island", declared for its uncontaminated natural beauties protected under U.N.E.S.C.O..

For who's looking for relax during a vacation but at the same time to take the opportunity to practise sports, Tenerife can give you valid answers.
Golf for first; there're 3 important Golf Clubs in south; horseback riding, sub, fishing, windsurf; tennis, excursions, karting, parapendio and more!

Many people knows Tenerife for its enviable climatic characteristics, it's necessary to say also that this island has a very good fame above all for the excellent tourist organization concerning fun and the relaxation; but looking at the list of the Museums and art initiatives everybody can understand that there are also many cultural opportunities.

The fish, inexhaustible resource that the ocean offers, and the meat are the principal foods on which the typical kitchen of Tenerife, as well as canary islands in general, ii's based
Other typical products that mainly accompany to the table the fish and the meat there are the potatos, cheeses, bananas and, not for last, the wines.
The fish is reachable fresh every day in restaurants located in small of fishermen towns, these locations are easily identifiable thanks boats; in its small harbors, swhich are clearly equipped for fishing.

Tenerife occupies the first place in surface of vineyards reaching more than 50% of the Canary Islands regional total; also considering Tenerife agrarian sector the vineyard occupies the first place of the cultivations as for surface, followed to great distance by the cultivation of banana and otatoes.

The Canarias wines in past were very famous for their liquer-like characteristics (malvasia wine).
At present time on the contrary are producted white, red and rosy young wines having also smaller alcoholic graduation.

This change has been motivated so much by the demand of the market as for the occupation of the agricultural floor in the coastal areas, good place to cultive Malvasia and similar wines , for other activities .

Regarding wines producted in Tenerife, it is necessary to highlight the prevalence of common young white wines that are producted in "Orotava", "San Miguel", "Arico" and "Guimar" Areas, the young red kinds are cultived and representative of "Tacoronte - Acentejo" Area, the rosy ones are represented in "La Guancha" Area.

The quality and the characteristic notes of Tenerife's wines makes them as exotic and different comparized other wines.
As well as happen everywhere also for Tenerife's wines is very important to obtain the Denominations of Orígen for wines producted in each area; that's not only to give a guaranty to the consumers concerning the wine's origin but also it's necessary to control wine's quality level.

Very often the families of fishermen are also owners of ristorantinis above written..
The fish is habitually fried or cooked to the grill or in casserole with potatoes and aromatic herbs.
The meat that'is commonly consumed is chicken, pig, goat, bovine and rabbit.
The Rancho Canario is an Tenerife, as well as canary Islands, rapresentative dish; its' based by pig or chicken meat.
This dish sees to cook in casserole the meat with potatoes, onion, garlic, saffron and other aromatic herbs; everything will be covered by noodles; now an omelet made with part of the same ingredients to cook the meat with the addition of a sausage will be put on top.
A Spanish dish that finds frequent space in tables prepared in Tenerife is the " puchero "; soup of vegetables based on beans, american potatoes, ears, savoy, bubangos (a type of vegetable marrow ), other vegetables mixed with pieces of pig meat. .
For the appasionatis of fried meat and the spicy sauces we suggest the " Pollo mojado "; chicken fried using a particual technique totally absorbed by the "Mojo Picon *."
As already said the vegetable queen is the potato.
The culture of the potato in Tenerife enumerates a lot of varieties of this tuber, beforehand through the commerce with the americhes; in recent times also with europe.
The potato that is recognized as the local potato of Tenerife is the " papa bonita ".
This is a potato of small size that's boiled with its own skin (also it must be be eaten!) in few water and covered of salt; in this way cooked its takes the name of " papa arrugada ".
The papa arrugada is the classic contour for dishes fish based.
The papa arrugada is accompanied habitually with two types of sauce: the "Mojo verde" (green moho) and the "Mojo picòn" (moho picòn: red color).
We wants to open a parenthesis here for sauces impassioned.
The "Mojo verde" is a sauce based on oil of olive, garlic and coriander; the *Mojo picòn, as its very spicy name says, is based on oil of olive, garlic and spicy red pepers.
With these sauces the papases arrugadases seem never enough; nevertheless the bruschettes with the bread are a valid alternative.
For what about the fruit, the banana is a fruit locally cultivated, therefore it'is reachable fresh with its natural colors: the yellow (but not the same yellow we habitually see) with strong tones of green.
Other exotic fruit is cultivated, however quite a lot of fresh fruits comes in Tenerife from Spain and South Africa.

This place tries to maintain its small fishermen village origin, the beach has its own golden sand.
Facilities of high level, cured in all its aspects, to give the best to its guests and visitors.
Also tourist structures and their facilities in Los Cristianos are of high qualitative level; it offers the same opportunities of playa de Las Americas but with the opportunity to get also great moments of relax..

Localities 20 minutes driving from Playa de Las Americas are in a strategic position for daily evocative vision of "Alcantilado Los Gigantes", to join a feeling of absolute relax, and for the opportunity to attend the "Playa de Las Arena" or to go in excursion to discovery how many intimate and wild beaches that are aroubd this area.
All beaches are of black sand; facilities and hotel structures are of very good level; do not forget the near presence of the port (protected zone for the not usual presence of non local fishes) with facilities for nautical sports.
Strategic position for who wants to go to discovery and to visit many typical localities,
Among them we signal you " Masca" (ancient pirate's village); the National Park of the Teide passing through Chiguergue, or to go at west of the island passing for Puerto de Santiago until arriving to Icod de Los Vinos and all the other very interesting places like Garachico, S. Juan de the Rambla; making a small effort you can join until Puerto de la Cruz and street on till the Capital "Saint Cruz de Tenerife".

Spanish Civil Guard detained 159 undocumented immigrants who arrived aboard 10 small ships at the coasts of Alicante, Granada, Murica and Almeria over the weekend. Many of the detainees were from Algeria, and heavilly dehydrated. The number of immigrants trying to enter Spain via Cado de Gata and Levante has increased while the numbers of those trying to enter via the Canary Islands and Southern Spain has declined. It is estimated that the Spanish Government has expelled over 31,000 undocumented immigrants since 20012. Once migrants have landed on EU soil, they have the right for legal representation and comity to hear their case. 

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gobiernodecanarias.org/- Official government of Tenerife information

Il Pico del Teide, Risco Bello, Punta Taganana,
Jardín Botánico "Las Tosquillas", Playa de Las Teresitas,
Parque San Roque, La casa de los balcones, El Drago Milenario,
El mariposario del Drago, La Bananera, Jardín Botánico,

Playa Bollullo, Abaco, Acantilado de Los Gigantes. THE TEIDE (3.718 mts livel of sea).
To get an excursion on Natioanl Park of Teide it's strongly why we consider one of more important and interesting.
First of all it's important to remember Teide is a volcano (its last activities dated 1798 and 1909).
The landscapes that characterize this park are various and very different among them; lunar landscapes are alternated with small desert of sand, small woods of secular Canarian pines are born onto several cliffs creating not usual views.
Cliffs and sand are characterized by particular colors which change varying the incidence of light on their surface, for this reason changing your position of few meters you have the impression to be in a completely different place.
Just for these characteristics these landscapes have been used like set for various films; among the most famous we cite "Stellar Wars".
The fauna substantially it's represented by wild canaries goats.
It's possible to get the top of Teide (using the cable way also to visit the important astronomical observatory; sometimes during winter season, for effect of cold wind currents coming from the north, it's possible to see snow.
Following the main road it does across the park you can get the north of the island where you can admire a big canyon and progressively the landscape become green till arrive the first town
THE OROTAVA. It's possible to join a very nice view from Cuesta de la Villa: a splendid panorama about the "Orotava Valley" and Puerto de la Cruz.
All around beautiful sights, with nice garden, balconies and typical houses.
Extraordinary it's the collection of objects hand made coming from all over Canaries and Spain can be admired in the "Casas de los balcones" it does take name why the two residential buildings (17° Century) has balconies made with wood of old typical Canaries pines.
Leaving from the Orotava, it is impossible not to visit Las Cañadas of the Teide passing through the Aguamansa forest.
ICOD DE LOS VINOS . This beautiful place it's located at foot of Mount Teide and it's famous for its wines produced in that Area; this place it's in competition with La Orotava about beaty.
Sights of interest are the Church of Saint Marcos, El Christ de las Aguas in the Franciscan Church, the Convent of Saint Agustín, the Public square El Pilar.
Here there is the symbol of Tenerife, "El Drago" or more easy tree it has more than 3000 years!!
Following old inhabitants of Tenerife belief the liquid of this tree it have had magical powers.
This old tree is situated inside of an ancient park.

GARACHICO. It is like a pearl to the sea and was a very important centers of the island.
Beautiful place with interesting sights to visit like the Castle of San Miguel and an old church.
El Puertito is a beach of black sand; there are sea natural swimming pools to El Caletón.

GU IMAR . Piramides de Guimar (the Pyramids of Guimar). (click)

SANTIAGO OF THE TEIDE. This locality includes the "Acantilados Gigantes", more commonly "Los Gigantes" (Cliffs of the Giants); a view o f extraordinary beauty.

In order to live moments of true authenticity of local people of daily life you must visit a Country Market.
On this ambient countrymen; situations, colors, taste and smell as well as authentic people behaviors can give you exact references on what truly it's the culture and tradition of the Island you're visiting.
Alacalà: Every Mondays morning.
La Matanza: Every Saturdays morning.
Los Abrig os : Every Sunday Morning.
Playa de Las Americas: Every Thursdays and Saturday morning near the C.C. Torviscas.
Saint Isidro: Greengrocers Market; every Saturday and Sunday morning.
Saint Cruz de Tenerife: Close Building Multiplos 2 (to the end of the Avenida 3 de Mayo), every Sunday morning; market of every thing.
Tacoronte: Every Saturday and Sunday morning, the agriculturists expose and sell their typical products: vegetables, fruit, wine, etc. etc.

Many people who's in vacation in Tenerife do not take advantage about the possibility to take the ferry, it does leaves every day from "Los Cristianos", to visit La Gomera island.
Isolated, yes, completely isolated this island.
La Gomera depends in fact in everything by the small ferry that it does colleague the island to Tenerife: food, medicines ………. and naturally the tourists.
Only from few years la Gomerra has gas, electricity, and water; only from 1996 the island has telephone service.
Although these new facilities the life among its mountains is still a lot hard; if you're looking for relax and silence La Gomera is the place you're looking for.
Many natural sites and old villages and towns are the places that's possible to visit in this island where the time it does seems stopped
You must consider also that it's possible, organized bu yourself or by a local Travel Agent, you can visit La Gomera, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

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Tourist are also encourage to visit the North of Tenerife, which is considered by many to be the 'real Tenerife' and is much less tourist cantered than the South of the island. Here you can find mountain restaurants called 'guan chinches' which offer very affordable yet delicious meals.  The south is more geared towards budget holidays and can often attract the wrong crowd depending on where you stay.