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Great Beaches of Tenerife

On any Canary Island holidays an excursion to Tenerife Island is a must. Tenerife Island is known as “The Island of Eternal Spring” with a prefect climate any time of the year. The Tenerife coastline offers something for everyone – watersports, scuba diving, sunbathers, and nudist.

Playa Jardin


Playa Jardin which translated into English means ‘garden beach’ was the master plan of Canaric artist Cesar Manirique. The shore is kissed with black sand and the beach is framed by beautiful gardens. The beach is separated by rocks into three different beaches the last of which has cascades which are a favorite for young kids to swim in. Whether you want to rent a beach umbrella or play in the surf it is worth a visit bringing your flip-flops as the sand can get very hot.

El Bollullo beach


El Bollullo beach is a black sand beach flanked by volcanic rock. The beach is for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds, sunbathe and play in the beautiful water. Be aware that it is bordered by two popular nudist beaches. It is a beautiful setting but does not offer that many amentities.

Playa De Las Teresitas


Playa De Las Teresitas is an essential part of any Tenerife Island holiday. Though a man made beach it offers the feel of a natural beach. This will give you the feel of the Sahara golden yellow sand that was brought in from Africa. If you are tired of swimming or sunbathing there is always a volleyball game or some other type of beach activity. There are also plenty of reasonably priced restaurants and bars.

Playa de Roque


Playa de Roque is a photographers paradise with excellent views of the coastline. This may not become your favorite swimming beach because of the strong current. It is a great place to relax and sunbath and watch the surfers. Feeling adventurous you may want try your hand at surfing. Playa de Roque beach offers several restaurants, hotel rooms and coffee shops.

Playa del Medano


Playa del Medano on any day you will see several windsurfers this where several windsurfing championships take place. The persistent ocean breeze offers relief on really warm days. It’s a popular beach for families as it is safe for young children with it’s shallow water and the sand is great for building sand castles.

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The land of eternal spring – in 2017 and beyond.

A huge amount has changed in recent years and yet it hasn’t. – the economic crisis is still fairly problomatic in Tenerife with youth unemployment stubbornly high. An expansion for the north of the airport is still planned, but the funds are still lacking to make it happen. Loropark is still the biggest employer on the island and the central point of interest for many tourists. They have recently added a giant ant eater to their collection. The expat community is still large, centered around Los Cristianos for the English, and Puerto de la Cruz for the German ex pats. In recent years, large amounts for Russians have come to the island, attracted by the warm climate. What is certain is that Tenerife will remain a sought after destination for years to come.

Tenerife Canival is a huge success !


In the south of Tenerife, a new language school opened, Babel Language Academy. So for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish while on holiday. Please look at their Intensive Spanish classes / courses from BLA.They offer language learning for people of all levels and have a great teaching team. BLA Tenerife. The Academy actually only about 30 minutes from the airport making an extremely convenient location. Here are the details: BLA German site. The site a few languages available for the range of students who might come visit the islands. This is article by the Telegraph. It goes through in detail and describes quite a few parts of the island. From the touristic south, the lush and traditional north of the island. Tenerife Travel guide. It is always a great idea to read some second options before making a travel decision

The property market makes some recovery- although not to pre-crisis levels

Looking for a new home on the islands? Find luxury property in Puerto de la Cruz on the Puerto Properties website! (Before Sunway Tenerife) recently opened a new website about Real estate in Tenerife. Offering a wide selection of new properties in the Puerto de la Cruz area. They are widely known for their great customer service. You can find their office in the centre of town. If you are a first time home buy they have a number of services and products that will interest you. They can offer some of the lowest rates on the market right now. Benefit from overs 20 years experience as estate agents. See Puerto-properties.com ( Tenerife real estate ). It is best to visit theme during the week when the have more time. October 2014 – the last of the summer days have here on the island. But the people are never sad here, as there is no such thing as winter on Tenerife! This is the reason the islands is called the ‘ land of eternal spring’. All expats are always particularly happy at this time of year, knowing that they left behind a grey and miserable north Europe. November 2014.

Digital marketing becomes more important for local businesses

The online marketing site for Tenerife, will officially launch on the 1st. You can visit the web page on the link provided and get a sneak peak of what is happening. They are run by a group of real professionals who will be making a lot of business in the coming years.


The Canaries remain a gateway to Europe.

Spanish Civil Guard detained 159 undocumented immigrants who arrived aboard 10 small ships at the coasts of Alicante, Granada, Murica and Almeria over the weekend. Many of the detainees were from Algeria, and heavilly dehydrated. The number of immigrants trying to enter Spain via Cado de Gata and Levante has increased while the numbers of those trying to enter via the Canary Islands and Southern Spain has declined. It is estimated that the Spanish Government has expelled over 31,000 undocumented immigrants since 20012. Once migrants have landed on EU soil, they have the right for legal representation and comity to hear their case.

Official government of Tenerife information

Tenerife Host has continued to offer more services in Tenerife.  The premium travel agent specialises in VIP & private tours in Tenerife. This can include day trips to mount Teide or visiting the historic seaside town of Garnachio Another must see places is to visit Sana Cruz. Some people will claim that it is just another city. But really it has so much to offer including the African market and harbour area. Needless to say it is one of the main economic hubs of the island, with much trade going through the port, connecting the Canaries to Europe, Africa and South America.  


The office is located in the South, but they help people with private tours all over the island. The owner speaks 5 languages ! So do not worry if you are from a country that does not speak Spanish.

You can visit their website to find all the latest deals and see if there are any new services available. Please book to avoid disappointment  They also have a great Youtube channel which shows many of the trips and activities available. See here for Dolphin and whale watching trips in Tenerife.

Tourist are also encourage to visit the North of Tenerife, which is considered by many to be the ‘real Tenerife’ and is much less tourist cantered than the South of the island. Here you can find mountain restaurants called ‘guan chinches’ which offer very affordable yet delicious meas.

The south is more geared towards budget holidays and can often attract the wrong crowd depending on where you stay.

Atlantis Scuba Diving – Tenerife’s leading diving academy. There are many remarkable and interesting things you can see when scuba diving in the Canary Islands. Of course, you will need to have the right training to ensure that you can dive safely. For this reason, it can be advisable to go with an instructor who has a number of years experience under his belt.

Diving Atlantis Tenerife, +34 671 40 89 70

Av. La Gaviota N°1, L-A3, Varadero, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guia de Isora, 38686