Tweetie Pie ‘buys it’

sports-tenerifeDecember’s issue takes us onto Tenerife’s terraces; not the ones planted with vines and potatoes but the ones filled with the blue and white shirts, flags and banners of the fans of Tenerife’s football team; CD Tenerife.

Jack dons his Scotland shirt (right colour, same affinity) and braves the passion and rivalry of a local derby game when CD Tenerife play Gran Canaria’s UD Las Palmas at home.

Don’t expect half a dozen mums standing on the touchline of a local park for a Sunday League fixture; this is a 24,000 capacity stadium and a club with a reputation as giant killers, twice beating Real Madrid.

Jack joins 17,000 Tenerife fans and 500 brave Canariones who travelled to the fixture to watch a game of two halves and the ritual disembowelment of a large Tweetie Pie…it’s all in the match report.