Modern Art on an Ancient Theme

On Friday night, Sean and Mailing were privileged to attend the invitation-only preview of David LaChapelle’s fleeting exhibition at the Galería Leyendecker on Ramblo General Franco in Santa Cruz (9th to 11th November).

Renowned for his work with celebrities such as Elton John, Madonna and Marilyn Manson, the illustrious photographer and film maker has taken a ‘road to Damascus’ turn in his work and his new collection ‘Awakenings’ is themed around the biblical story of the Great Flood while the ‘Deluge’ and ‘Museum’ collections take a swipe at today’s obsession with material goods, consumerism and the whole notion of ‘art ownership’; the very concepts that have propelled La Chapelle to fame.

For Sean and Mailing it was a rare opportunity to see the works of such an important contemporary artist in the sexy surroundings of the Leyendecker.