EU Investigations Launches Crime Reporting Service In Spain

Fraudulent mobile application is duping hundred of Euros clandestinely from English speaking people
In response to growing frustration & complaints from many customers, EU Investigations has launched an effectual solution tailored to handle unscrupulous fraudsters in Spain, who have been sucking money from English speaking mobile users for services they have not signed up for.

EU Investigations has been flooded with innumerable customer complaints regarding suspected mobile phone application that have been sucking money from innocent mobile phone users.


The wave of attacks are aimed at English speaking people, who are more than 12,500,00 in numbers in Spain. The victims can only suspect the fraud by checking their monthly bill, which can go up beyond their expectation.

The fraudulent mobile phone app automatically deducts €1.40 each day, which will mount to €43 per month. Once the application is installed on the mobile phone, the fraudulent app starts to deduct money very day without any clue.

The number, which comes up on the mobile phone bill is 795400. Many mobile phone service providers have been affected by this fraud mobile application in Spain.

English speaking mobile users, who have fallen to this fraud have been swindled with hundred of Euros. Now, many people are coming to realize the fraud.

Since, Spain has closed its translator’s service for non-Spanish speaking people in police departments to report crime, EU Investigations have stepped up to help all those people affected by the fraudulent app by reporting their crime.

EU Investigations also encourages mobile phone users to report any scam directly to their company to avoid any delay. This way the crime can be detected in early stages and many other users can be protected.