Palm Beach Hotel, Melonaras Beach.

One of the most exclusive restaurants here. Not for the large appetite, but the discerning palate. In exquisite settings the restaurant offer a variety of unusual cuisine, with perfectly cooked seasonal veg. Try the herb coated lamb in a rich sauce. Open every day 1-4pm and 6.30 – 10pm. Tel 928 721 032

Ma Bakers

C.C Pasarela Puerto Rico

A true taste of England, specialising in pies pasties and cakes, have lunch in overlooking the harbour. or order a take-away for a day trip.

Open 10 – 16.00 hrs


C.C Anexo II, Playa del Ingles. 35100.

Tel 928 763008

Have fun at Hooters American style diner, try the buffalo chicken wings, tasty burgers or quesadillas, washed down with an ice cold beer and served by some of the sexiest girls on the island.


C.C. Yumbo Planta 2, Playa del Inglés

Tel 928776069 or 691909980

A novel restaurant with an unusual menú. Let friends throughout the world see you enjoy a freshly cooked meal through the www. From pork in plum sauce to creamy sea food served on pasta. Try their tapas selection of 8 courses, or their desgutation of five courses with samples of various wines.

Open every day from 19 – 23.30 hrs.