No Over 50s Show for Estepona this year

For the first time in six years there will be no Over 50s Show, the lifestyle event for the Coast’s seniors, at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona. This is as a result of a decision taken by the venue, which according to the organisers of the show, Dublin-based S&L Promotions Ltd. has made it ‘impossible’ to proceed.


Commented John Low, Director of S&L Promotions Ltd.: ‘We feel we have been treated very shabbily by the Palacio after supporting them all these years. Since we have averaged attendances of between 5-7,000, we have brought a lot of business to the town, as well as supporting ,many of the hotels, bars and restaurants’.

The fall-out centres on the Palacio’s decision to book a gardening event just two weeks before The Over 50s Show which S&L regarded as an obvious competitor. Added Low: ‘The Palacio justified their decision by saying that the two events were different and not competitive. This is of course absolute rubbish and we have reports that many of our exhibitors have been canvassed by this new show’.

Low was at pains to point out that he had no ill feeling towards the organisers of the garden show, and ‘business was business’, but was critical of the venue allowing two similar events take place within a few weeks of each other, ‘something that no self-respecting venue would do’.

Low added that they had been ‘badly messed around by the Palacio’: ‘I visited the Palacio months ago and voiced all our concerns to the Manager David Ortiz and that there should be a reward for our loyalty in supporting the Palacio over the years. He said he would report to his bosses and let us know. But it took nearly two months to come back with the decision which made it impossible to proceed with so little time left’.

However Low says that this is not the end of The Over 50s Show and that his company will be mounting the event again at a new venue early next year.

For further information on the 2013 Over 50s Show, contact the organisers at: or telephone 003531 4969028