Tenerife Holidays

Walkabout – Adeje

adejeDecember’s issue has been hell for Jack; he’s been hiking in and above Adeje’s Barranco del Infierno in the heat and dust of the recent ‘calima’ and facing up to the rigours of kit inspection by the keepers of the Barranco gate. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s had to part with cash to do it.

He just hopes that when it comes time to hang up his worldly hiking boots that the criteria for getting into that other ‘infierno’ will be equally demanding and he can fail with a grateful sigh.

Travel Hell’s Ravine with Jack in the December issue of Living Tenerife

Modern Art on an Ancient Theme

On Friday night, Sean and Mailing were privileged to attend the invitation-only preview of David LaChapelle’s fleeting exhibition at the Galería Leyendecker on Ramblo General Franco in Santa Cruz (9th to 11th November).

Renowned for his work with celebrities such as Elton John, Madonna and Marilyn Manson, the illustrious photographer and film maker has taken a ‘road to Damascus’ turn in his work and his new collection ‘Awakenings’ is themed around the biblical story of the Great Flood while the ‘Deluge’ and ‘Museum’ collections take a swipe at today’s obsession with material goods, consumerism and the whole notion of ‘art ownership’; the very concepts that have propelled La Chapelle to fame.

For Sean and Mailing it was a rare opportunity to see the works of such an important contemporary artist in the sexy surroundings of the Leyendecker.

Tweetie Pie ‘buys it’

sports-tenerifeDecember’s issue takes us onto Tenerife’s terraces; not the ones planted with vines and potatoes but the ones filled with the blue and white shirts, flags and banners of the fans of Tenerife’s football team; CD Tenerife.

Jack dons his Scotland shirt (right colour, same affinity) and braves the passion and rivalry of a local derby game when CD Tenerife play Gran Canaria’s UD Las Palmas at home.

Don’t expect half a dozen mums standing on the touchline of a local park for a Sunday League fixture; this is a 24,000 capacity stadium and a club with a reputation as giant killers, twice beating Real Madrid.

Jack joins 17,000 Tenerife fans and 500 brave Canariones who travelled to the fixture to watch a game of two halves and the ritual disembowelment of a large Tweetie Pie…it’s all in the match report.

On the move…

It has all the hallmarks of success; glass and chrome frontage; oodles of floor space; leather chairs; chic desks; black, flat screen monitors and a state-of-the-art server purring and winking in its slimline cabinet. It’s exactly the venue where you’d expect a highly prestigious publication to be based…ccaqua

We’ve moved! Living Tenerife is now located in the CC Aqua Mall in Costa Adeje.

Of course, this being Tenerife, not everything has gone strictly according to plan and as yet we have no phone lines and no internet access but hey! We still have Tenerife’s number one lifestyle magazine and we’re expecting Telefonica any day now…

Meanwhile, you can call us on 615 022 197 and you can email us at  [email protected]

Incidentally, if you’re thinking of popping in to see us in our fancy new clothes, take my advice and go to the loo before you leave home as we don’t have any water connected yet either. The team are practicing ‘mind over matter’ techniques and keeping their legs crossed that all facilities will soon be available.

What to See in Tenerife

There are plenty of fantastic sights to see while on your holiday in Tenerife. Here are some of our Tenerife favourites.

The most memorable holiday destinations all share one important trait. They all have breathtaking and unique sights! The “trip of a lifetime” should entail more than sandy beaches and a thriving night scene, and there must be something to distinguish it from all of your other travels. In Tenerife, you will find many opportunities to set your trip apart from all the rest. An island so rich in culture, history, and landscapes has much to offer its visitors, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by keeping only to the beaches. Do some research to discover some attractions that will mean the most to you, and then take the time to check them out. You won’t regret it!

What to See in Tenerife

Near the island’s eastern coast – just south of Santa Cruz –you’ll find a bit of ancient history in the Pirámides de Güímar, an ethnographic park comprised of numerous step pyramids. These structures, known by natives as the “Black Pyramids,” are similar to the ones in Egypt that you saw in your high school history book, but they have their own story to tell! Within the complex is a museum you might enjoy that displays artifacts and includes presentations from world-renowned anthropologists. There is much to see here, so you should reserve a few hours for your visit.

While the pyramids are fantastic, no holiday to Tenerife is complete without seeing the spectacular Teide volcano that towers over much of the island. It is easier now than ever to get an up-close look at it because new driving routes have been devised specifically for visitors hoping to catch a view. You will want to invest in a detailed map, but the trek starts from La Laguna and climbs through the National Park up to higher elevations at Las Cañadas. This will put you above the clouds and you will have an unobstructed view of Teide’s tip. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars, as you will never see anything else quite like it.

When considering what to see in Tenerife, you will inevitably have to make choices. There is such an abundance of natural beauty that you cannot see it all in one trip. Whether it is the ancient pyramids, the towering Teide, or the lush and rugged farmlands of the north, you will have rich landscapes at your disposal everywhere you turn.

The Best of Tenerife Restaurants

As your next holiday approaches, you might become increasingly obsessed with all the details of the trip. Will the weather hold out? Will the hotel live up to its billing? There are so many aspects you can’t control, but you can’t help but fixate on them because they’ll have a lot to say about whether the memories you make are fond ones. But as much as you hope for sunshine, it is important to spend your time planning out the things you can control – things that are easily overlooked – like where you take your meals. After hours spent baking on the beach or checking out attractions, a tasty dinner will be the best way to take the edge off of your tiring day. Tenerife restaurants have something for every palette.

tenerife restaurant

Among the highest rated restaurants in Tenerife is Los Roques, located in the scenic fishing village of Los Abrigos on the island’s southern coast. Situated in the harbor, it has a dining terrace that overlooks the docks where fishing boats unload their day’s catch. The menu leans heavily on seafood, offering entrees like Pan Fried Fillet of locally caught Dorada or Fish and Seafood Tagine. If you like sampling the local fare, another solid choice is Bar El Cine in the resort district of Los Cristianos. You can order your meal straight off the boats, like fried squid or catch of the day.

Because Tenerife is surrounded on all sides by oceans, you’ll have a choice of fine seafood everywhere you go. But it isn’t your only option. Restaurant Monte Christo in Adeje is a classy Italian establishment that has earned high marks for its pasta dishes. They offer a variety of vegetarian selections, and their desserts are famously homemade. As Tenerife is a Spanish island, it makes sense that you would find an array of Spanish restaurants. One of the best is Café Jardin Flor del Drago in Puerto de Santiago. Aside from the usual Spanish fare, you can choose from exotic offerings such as Cajun Salmon.

You will find restaurants aplenty in every corner of Tenerife. Resort destinations are usually adept at offering their visitors a deep selection of culinary delights, and this remarkable island is no exception. Just as you’ll find attractions for all ages and interests, so too will you find dining. Tenerife’s restaurants can add a touch of class and culture to your stay.

Tenerife – Paradise Found

Tenerife is an island paradise waiting to be explored. It is located off the coast of Spain and the largest of the Canary Islands. Your holidays to Tenerife will be filled with beauty and relaxation that are customary when visiting these famed islands. Transportation to the islands is accessed by its international airport with flights arriving and departing daily for cities around the world.

Once on Tenerife, highway systems connect the towns but, there is a tram system in place. Tenerife is easy to navigate and should not be avoided for fear of isolation. It is a modern and bustling island that has the beauty and charm of a secluded getaway.

Tenerife – Paradise

The scenery alone will amaze you – mountains and cliffs that dramatically drop into the ocean. The water is so blue that it blends into the sky. The sunsets and sunrises are spectacular and meld together vivid pastel colors across the horizon. There are many activities to partake such as scuba diving, shopping, rock climbing and much more. You can also spend your time sailing the coast or relaxing on the white sand beaches. Tenerife is like a lost paradise but, with the comforts of home. Nothing will ever compare to your Canary Island holidays to Tenerife.

The islands history dates back to the Roman Empire; thus, its cultural heritage is rich with colorful pageants and festivals that attract millions of tourists each year. One of the most important is the Carnival of Santa Cruz held in its namesake city; it lasts for ten days and is filled with the lively hood of the Tenerife people. The magnitude of this island’s carnival is said to rival the famous carnivals of Venice and Brazil.

Tenerife is also home to many cultural museums of modern art and ancient archaeology. They delve into the past and present of the vibrant life and people of this enchanting island.

The Attraction of Tenerife Holidays

What is the attraction of Tenerife holidays? It is the largest and most popular of the Canary Islands off the Coast of Africa. These islands boast ideal weather the whole year round for enjoying some of the most fantastic beaches in the world. By doing a little searching for all inclusive packages, it is possible to arrange cheap holidays to Tenerife so you can enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank.

Tenerife Holidays

Some of the attractions to keep you busy on Tenerife holidays include the black sand volcanic beaches and the white sand beaches made with sand either pumped from the bottom of the ocean or imported from the Sahara. Take in the wonder of Mount Teide and its ravines that spread for miles. The Cliffs of the Giants, known to the locals as Los Gigantes, rise above the ocean and cover a large portion of Tenerife’s coastline.

A leisurely day can be spent going from town to town along the coast shopping and enjoying traditional Spanish food in their cafes. The children will enjoy the Aqua Park Octopus near Los Cristianos. Here you can see performing dolphin, splash in a variety of water rides, pools, and slides, and send the tykes to play in the children’s area.

As far as accommodations, there are many from which to choose. You can find something in any price range from the dozens of hotels, hostels, apartments, and cottages that can help anyone plan cheap holidays Tenerife. Even those hotels for people travelling on a small budget usually have pools and restaurants.

The two major resort areas where you would find these hotels are Playa de las Americas, which appeals to young visitors to Tenerife and Los Cristianos that attracts a somewhat older crowd. Playa de las America’s draws people from Northern Europe who come to party at the many clubs and pubs in the area. There are many self-catering accommodations at Playa de las Americas. Los Cristianos has two great beaches and a harbour where many businesses offer day cruises, diving trips, and rides in glass bottom boats to see the wonders under the sea.

Each day on a Tenerife holiday you can awaken to enjoy a new and different experience. When the holiday comes to an end, you are sure to be relaxed and renewed.